Payment solution for your business

Accept and send payments seamlessly and hassle-free

Purwantara provides the best solution for every online payment problem to support your business development.

Easy Integration

Join Purwantara through an easy integration process and select the payment method you want to use.

Real Time Without Worrying

Receive payments in real-time without the need to verify manual safely and comfortably.

Monitoring and Reporting

The Web-Based Dashboard Purwantara can be used to monitor each real-time transaction and get a detailed transaction report.

Payment Method

Virtual Account

Receive payment easily through various banks using Virtual Accounts.

Credit Card

Credit cards are the most commonly used payment method of consumers in making online purchases.


Purwantara provides payment features using e-wallets in Indonesia. Payment is ajust one-tap away.

Over The Counter

Cash or card payments can be made using over-the-counter at Purwantara offline partners.

Safe and comfortable

Receive payments from your customers easily and safely use Purwantara. We are present to ensure every transaction you remain safe.

Customer Support

We provide timely support from our customer service team who are experienced throughout direct chat, email, and calls during weekdays, weekends and national holidays.

Accepting digital payments for offline businesses made easy with Purwantara Kasir!

Enhance your offline business by accepting variety of digital payments and get more customers fast and easy using Purwantara Kasir.